New Project: The Daily life of an Author

Back when I started this blog I wasn’t really too sure what I was doing with it. I wanted to write posts like the ones I enjoyed reading on autistic and trans people’s blogs that might speak to other people out there. But there are a lot of good blogs like that already, and updating this place often seemed like a little chore for very little return. I’m still not expecting much return but this is something I want to do more.

I’m trying to make it as a published author one day. I don’t really have too many other employment paths available but I’ve always loved writing and have been writing diction stories for hours a day for years.

I want to show the people out there who don’t write what actually goes into creating a novel-length piece of work broken down day-by-day.

What research do you have to do to build your world?

How do you write the plan for your story? Do you even need a plan?

How do you actually go about getting a story to a publisher and hopefully onto the shelves one day?

These things for an author are the accumulation of days upon weeks upon months of chipping away at a mountain-sized task comprised of a number of varied tasks. You have to read and research like a uni student, plan like an architect drawing blueprints, write like a… well that part’s self-explanatory, edit like a food critic and finally sell yourself like the most annoying kind of door-to-door salesman.

It takes a lot of work even producing something of novel-length for a fiction story, let alone the task of then getting it published. A lot of people think writing must be an easy game – We all write everyday with shopping lists, work emails and so on – but it takes a level of dedication and time most readers never see. I wanted to peel back the curtain even if, yeah, maybe it’s a bit rich to call myself an author yet. I’m definitely a writer though, so I can do that much for you.

I’ll actually be posting the daily updates in a single weekly round-up each Sunday evening so as not to clog inboxes/social media. It’ll also make it easier to follow along with the development of each story if it’s in bigger chunks.

Currently I have three novels on the go at different stages. The one I’m working on day-to-day at the moment is a soft sci-fi, young adult novel called No Planet to Call Home.
You can find out more about all of the novels and more on the Daily Life of an Author Info Page I added at the top of this blog. I’ll be updating that page as novels progress so you can always find out what stage a novel is at and which I’m working on.

I will still put out some blog articles from time to time on other subjects but this is what I want to do with this place right now. I hope it’ll be a much more interesting type of blog for readers, something a bit different.

Anyway, the first update will come out tomorrow covering the past week. Until then!



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